The Basics: 

  • Before anything else happens, you will receive a free 15 minute consultation.
  • I charge a flat fee of $50/hour, you decide how many hours you’d like to employ.
  • I follow  BCG Genealogical Standards.
  • A PLAN – together we will develop a plan to meet your needs.
  • You will receive a professional, written report, all the sources included and copies of all the documents/records consulted. I will also include suggestions for further research.
  • I’m flexible about the work I do but you need to know what you are looking for specific goals are a must.

What’s included with most research projects:

  • Consultation 
  • Review of work, documentation and information client currently has – to plan and to expedite project(s).
  • Written report.
    • All reports include:
      • A specific research goal
      • Record analysis and correlation with complete documentation and full source citations
      • Copies – electronic or paper or both – of all supporting documents and artifacts consulted.
      • Recommendations for future research
      • Adherence to BCG and APG Code of Ethics and standards
  • A customized plan to meet your needs with a written and signed agreement.

Some other possible services include:

  • Document Retrieval
  • Membership Applications 
  • Heir/Probate/Estate needs
  • Brickwalls
  • And more… 
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